Planning Superpowers By Enneagram Type

Planning Superpowers By Enneagram Type


What Helps You Thrive in Productivity?

Ones - Prioritize important over urgent! Delegate any urgent tasks that you can.

Twos - Create balance between what you do for others and for yourself.

Threes - Take time to celebrate the wins before moving on to the next.

Fours - Check in with yourself and lean into your creative ways of accomplishing tasks.

Fives - Use your love of research to further a current project.

Sixes - Assess your pro/con list then take decisive action.

Sevens - Connect with your purpose and multi-task accordingly. Reward yourself with something fun when you accomplish a big task.

Eights - Know your strength in seeing the big picture and ask for help in the details to get there.

Nines - Prioritize your must-dos and tackle one procrastination item head on each day.

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