Our Story


It all started in 2020. As many of us wondered why we were making any plans in the middle of a pandemic, a conversation led to a thought of why so many planners try to be one-size-fits-all.

I am a planner to my core. Even as a little girl, I was the one telling everyone which characters they would play in our make-believe games, the ones who organized group projects, and who had all my birthday parties planned out every year. And now, as an adult, my days tend to be structured and routine, and making decisions comes at ease. But trying to use a paper planner has been a daunting task that leaves me overwhelmed and frustrated. I am also an Enneagram One, so the previous sentence should not be true. In processing this conversation, I realized the frustration IS that planners either try to throw as much into each page as possible so that there is something for everyone or are just bland calendars. Because of this, many people like myself end up giving up on their planners even before seeing a new month.

Along with my love of planning and organizing, I geek out over learning what makes people tick. Several years ago, I was introduced to the Enneagram and found it fascinating. I’ve loved how it looked beyond the surface of my personality and revealed core motivations, fears, and desires. The Enneagram is a valuable tool for all areas of life, so I thought why not use it to make us all more productive in how we organize our day-to-day. We spend way too much time and money going through planner after planner because we want to be organized and efficient. As someone who desires to improve the things around me, it was time to stop being frustrated and create a solution.

Thus the birth of Enneaplanner. The planner with your Enneagram type in mind. After several months of extensive research, the differences of each Enneagram number became more apparent, and the need for a more personalized planner experience was evident.

Enneaplanner is a series of planners based on each Enneagram type. No two numbers of Enneaplanner will have the same layout or identical elements. My desire for Enneaplanner is to help us all become our most efficient selves and to feel indeed seen. If you are ready to experience your most productive year yet, order your Enneaplanner.                                     Productivity is Personal.